Selected talks

On data science
Toolbox of a data scientist: multiple approaches to work with behavioural data. Data Insight meetup, Cambridge, February 2015.
Interpreting & communicating about computational models: using visual analytics as a bridge between policy makers and researchers. Workshop on Policy Modelling in Practice, Royal Academy of Engineering, London, December 2014.
Modelling approaches to policy issues in public health. Invited talk, Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge, November 2014.
Creating and applying computational models of health behaviours. Invited talk, Troy University, US, August 2014.
Modelling food and physical activity behaviours. Invited talk, University of Cambridge, December 2013.

On obesity
Structuring the obesity literature into a system dynamics model. Invited talk, Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) program, Simon Fraser University, December 2010.
Modeling the influence of social networks and environment on energy balance and obesity. International Conference on Obesity (ICO), Stockholm, July 2010.
Obesity: beyond social networks. September 2010. (links the two above presentations)

On complex Networks and diseases
Relevance of complex networks properties. Invited talk, MoCSSy symposium sept 2010; paper presented at CCNet 2010.
Social networks and disease spread. Invited talk, St Paul Hospital, october 2010; paper published in TSI 2011.
On the average path length of deterministic and stochastic recursive networks. CompleNet 2010.
Complex networks: measures and deterministic models. INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, summer 2010.
An Introduction to Complex Networks. Graduate course in Social Network Analysis, Summer 2008.
Analysis of Complex Networks. MoCSSy seminar. September 2009. (variation of the above)